A New Adventure

Webster’s dictionary defines adventure as “an exciting or remarkable experience”.  I guess there’s some interpretation to the words exciting and remarkable; likely colored by a person’s perspective. Perhaps an adventure can only truly be defined as an adventure if it raises your pulse or fills your veins with adrenaline.  But maybe, just maybe, an experience can be remarkable or exciting purely based on the fact that it’s an experience that takes one into uncharted territory in their own life.

For us, Relatively Random is that adventure.  Collectively, everybody here at Relatively Random has been putting pen to paper to capture thoughts, ideas, and memories for years.  Some of these collections of written word have made it to the public eye in the form of poems, short stories, songs, and even books.   But most have remained relatively undiscovered, safely hidden in the pages where they were first captured.

The idea behind Relatively Random was to write…to share stories, opinions, and the experiences that are part of our lives.   Does the world need another online magazine, another blog?  Probably not…but does the world need another song, another poem or another movie?  Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear a new song…or read a verse that has the potential to stir my soul.

So, this is an invitation.  An invitation for you to join us as we take a little bit of our lives, our stories, our passions, and our interests, and share them with you.