So, what’s the story behind Relatively Random?

Growing up in a large extended family gives someone many opportunities to hear stories worth sharing. Growing up in a large extended family full of writers gives someone a passion to tell those stories in ways that bring those memories to life for those that were never part of them. Relatively Random was started by two cousins as a place to carry on the writing tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation in our family. So, that explains the ‘relative’ part of our name. As for the ‘random’ part…well, given that we all have different passions, interests, and styles, it was hard to limit our subject matter to a few concise and clean labels…it was simply too random.


What can you expect to find here?

The answer… a little bit of everything.

Our Life’s Adventures column will bring you just that…the adventures that our writers experience.  This may be travel, events, or anything else that falls into the category of adventure.

Prose & Poetry is where you’ll find our creative side.  You may find a short story about growing up in New York’s Catskill Mountains, an essay about a life changing experience, or a poem about the solitude of winter.

The Distractions column will be filled with our varied interests.  Hobbies, How-To’s, Product Reviews, and the occasional local interest story.  Check in often.   Perhaps we’ll inspire you to start that new project you’ve been talking about for years.

In our Focal Point series, we’ll bring you stories from behind the lens.

We’re pretty excited about what we have planned and we hope you enjoy spending time here.