Let Us Distract You

Most people who pride themselves on being organized and overly efficient would probably tell you that distractions are a bad thing and are best to be avoided.  We beg to differ.  We see distractions as the detours worth taking, the hobbies, the passions, the gadgets, the tools, the toys, the escapes.  Each month, we are going to do our best to distract you with the things that most distract us.  Maybe it will be our latest wood working project, or a review of a new smart phone, a trip to see a local artisan, or even a how-to on something we think everybody should try at least once.  We have lots of hobbies and lots of interests and are excited to share them.  We don’t even know all the things we will write about, but one thing we know for sure is that the topics will be “Relatively Random”.

Our hope is that we can take a small bit of your productivity and replace it with a bit of inspiration.  So, stop by each month and let us do our best to distract you.