Overlooked Beauty

An insignificant spec, repeatedly unnoticed,

In a world where nature is usually considered beauty.

Illustrating perseverance and craftsmanship,

Floating without wings,

Intertwining glistening strands of silk.

Constructing relentlessly,

Only to have its creation torn down by an uninvited guest.

Tirelessly rebuilding, higher, at an angle,

In hopes of dissuading another unwelcome intruder.

Fear that its work is to be undone yet again,

The spec scurries fast,

Certain that today will be spent as yesterday.

But this time the approaching beast halts,

Enamored by the intricacies suspended before him.

The spec no longer an insignificant, overlooked beauty, but noticed.

Noticed for the skill it possesses,

Recognized for the gem it has weaved.