American Scar

It was a day designed by hate
The goal to crush and maim
Those lacking understanding
Seeking someone to blame

I remember the fear rising
As the towers were laid low
Watching dust ghosts wandering
Not knowing where to go

Then came those to the rescue
Calling sirens and flashing lights
Their bravery unquestioned
Charging through the day turned night

Their strength was a great comfort
Heroes tried and true
They were NY’s Finest
FDNY and NYPD too

Through the rubble and destruction
Loved ones lost were saved or found
We even raised our colors
Our hearts together tightly bound

Though the purpose of those men
was to divide us in our fear
What happened was a testament
to this nation we hold dear

We stopped looking at our neighbor
through a lens of us and them
We stood united, brought together
by our prayers and helping hands

It was a lesson unintended
by those who sought to bring us down
And one we’ve since forgotten
With no blood to soak the ground

But on this day we remember
What it means to stand as one
Unencumbered by our labels
Proud to be American