She’s an old rocker
And that’s still how she rolls
The music still moves her
Right down to her soul

She’s no longer pretty
In leather and lace
And now there are wrinkles
That cover her face

She leans on the stage
And she rocks back and forth
Her body’s gone south
As her age has gone north

But despite all of that
She is glad just to be
So close to the man
She has come here to see

Cause he’s an old rocker
And that’s how he still rolls
And the music’s his life
Not for riches he toils

His figure has changed some
He’s stooped and he’s bent
But he still has the magic
His gift, heaven-sent

He sees her before him
And he smiles to himself
They are two of a kind
Both fooling themselves

Their days now are numbered
And their night won’t be long
But here it’s still evening
And this still is her song