Egypt In Winter

A Barn In Winter by Brandie Trent

These hills
Egypt in winter

leafless mountains
transform to pyramids,
their outlines
made triangular
by winter’s dusting

forsaken branches
worship invisible goddesses —
still reaching —
their hands already full of snow
too heavy for brittle elbows

chilled joints
spell out
hieroglyphic messages
across fertile valleys
creating a contrast
like black script and parchment,
the unsigned correspondence
of cloudless literacy

white sand drifts like desert granules
a slow sunrise slices through the planks of a December barn

farmscapes sprawl

snow-anointed tractors
icicle-bitten windmills
shadowy horses carry days’ thirsts in humpless backs

all of these are like carved idols
on the other side
of an illuminated temple

through layers of linen
one can smell winter’s whiteness
even while entombed in a seasonal solstice